Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Just posting quickley from my condo on the North Shore of fabulous Oahu, Hawaii. :)

First, yesterday before we left

Monday 7.00 miles/1:02:19/8:54 average pace

A nice solo run while Zach finished up packing and cleaning at the house. It was really nice to have no schedule to and no need to be home at any given time. So I did what I felt like, how I felt like. Nice.

Tuesday 6.00 miles/57:41/9:37 average pace

After arriving in Hawaii late last night, and less-than-fantastic sleep due to torrential rains overnight, I didn't plan on running today. We had a fun morning roaming around and exploring the beaches and stuff, but I was jonsing to run! So after picking up some fresh (LIVE!) shrimp and other food, we headed back to the condo and went for a run. Yes, it's raining here. A lot! But it is still warm, beautiful, tropical, and exciting. So we did a half-trail, half-golf course adventure run in the pouring rain. Rave run, no doubt. More to follow. Aloha!

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