Monday, March 06, 2006

LR Week 3 Now with Goal Pace miles!

Saturday 16.00 miles/2:27:14/9:12 average pace

A wonderful hard run. I didn't pay attention to my watch the whole time, so I ended up running a bit faster then intended. It actually turned into a goal marathon pace workout, as I did my last 5 miles at approximately goal pace.

First 11 miles 1:43:47/9:26 average pace

Last 5 miles 43:27/8:41 average pace

So actually that isn't quite my goal pace (if I go for BQ, it is more like 8:22) but very close considering I'm 3 weeks into training with 9 weeks to go.

It felt great. My legs were sore the next day (yesterday) but in a good way. Feeling fine today.

So, I was planning on running a goal pace workout next weekend (18 miles w/ 5 to 8 GP) but since I basically did it this weekend, I plan on skipping it and doing the 18 at a constant slower pace. This GP workout is far too hardcore to do twice in a row.

TOTAL miles for the week: 40. yay.

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