Thursday, July 06, 2006

Catch up- Long holiday weekend

Saturday 10.00 miles/1:xx:xx/9:31? average pace

Zach went with me down to San Jose where we had a great run. It was pretty warm, but not hot. However I still managed to overheat and that resulted in stomach cramps. yuck! It was overall a pretty tough run but I 'm not quite sure why. I did speed up a little for the 4 miles after Zach finished his 6 miles with me, but I don't think that was the cause. Weird!

TOTAL miles for the week: 30.5 miles

TOTAL miles for June: ??? I don't remember, I'll edit later.

THEN, Tuesday July 4th I ran a 10k!

Race results: 47:26/7:38 average pace

13th female overall of 128, and

2nd PLACE AGE GROUP!!! out of 10. he he.

This was not a PR, but really close. I have run 3 10k races within 20 seconds of Tuesday's time, so at least I'm consistant! I did not train for this race specifically, I'd just been running moderate easy mileage. But this was a great workout and I'm pleased with the results. I am thinking of doing another short race before my marathon training starts, and seeing how well I can do if I do really train. :)

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