Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wednesday Ocho

Wednesday 8.0 miles/1:14:21/9:18 average pace

Crystal springs reservoir w/ Zach. It was hot and I was tired. In fact, after the run last night I was downright exhausted. Today is a much needed rest day and I plan to spend the entire night on the couch drinking iced tea with the AC pumping.

Hey, I just noticed that I am running all my miles at this same pace again. And again, I wonder: is that ok? I'm thinking yes, since all the 9:00-9:20 paced runs have been "easy" and my main goal right now is mileage, not speed. Plus I guess I have proof that I can actually run faster when I try, like the 10k race and this week's tempo run. Ok, I feel better. Actually, I'm very happy that 9:00-9:20 or whatever is officially my easy pace! It leads me to believe that with tons o' mileage I will chip away at that until 8:40-9:00 is my easy pace. :)

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