Monday, July 10, 2006

Long run: 15 miles

Saturday 15.00 miles/2:18:xx/9:14 average pace

Another hot day, but I was out there early enough to beat the heat for the most part. This run felt much better than last week's 10 miles, even though my pace was faster and the weather was equally hot. I guess I just had an off day last time! Anyway, this week's long run comprised 50% of my weekly mileage. 20% of my week's miles were raced on Tuesday, and the other 30% were regular miles. Pretty random week.

TOTAL miles for the week: 30

Plan for the fine week ahead:

Mon: 4
Tues: 4 intervals or tempo
Wed: 8 group
Th: off
Fri: 4
Sat: 12 w/ Zach hopefully
Sun: off

total 32 planned

Also- goal of strength training 2x and eating well all week.

Just under 3 weeks till half marathon! :)

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