Monday, July 24, 2006

Oooh Melty!

Saturday 14.00/2:13:55/9:34 average pace

This was by far the hottest weekend of the year, with high temps at my house reaching 110 on Saturday and 112 on Sunday. Very hot. So, I did a few things to survive my scheduled long run. First, I got up pretty early and was running by about 7:30 am. Second, I drove about 25 miles to a creekside trail near the bay, where temperatures were 10 degrees cooler than at home throughout the day and there is some shade. Third, I brought my water bottle and refilled it 3 times. And fouth, I kept my pace slow and walked when I needed to. Amazingly, all these things resulted in a pretty good run! It was certainly warm (76 at the start and 88 at the end) but I felt fine the whole time. I rehydrated and refueled immediately after and then rested all day. I am feeling great today (Monday) so I think I did well with the post-run routine. :)

TOTAL miles for the week: 40 !! :)

My plan for this week:

mon: 3-4 treadmill
tues: 3-4 treadmill (speed workout either Mon or Tues)
wed: 8 group
thurs: off
fri: 4-5 easy
sat: off
sun: San Francisco Half Marathon!

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