Friday, July 28, 2006

Fünf on Freitag

Freitag 5.00 miles/46:44/9:21 average pace

Ahhhhh... It was so nice this morning! 59 degrees outside according to the weather channel and foggy according to my eyes. Dang it felt good. It is supposed to stay cool for a few days, which I love.

Well I suppose I could throw out some goals for this weekend's half marathon! I'm honestly not too hung up on any particular number, I just want to do my best and run a smart race. I feel that my February Half was a super performance on a fast course, so I don't think I will be able to improve upon that time much, if at all. I would be very pleased to match that time, or come close. I'd be blown away if I PR. I am not sure how tough the course is. I'm guessing pretty to quite.

So, I guess

A goal "pleased" = 1:45 ish, (near my current PR 1:44:56)
B goal "whatever" = whatever

Dream goal: PR


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