Friday, January 19, 2007

Desert Running (Ok, it was on the treadmill)

Thursday 2.0 miles/20:00/10:00 average pace

Don't worry Chad, it was not because of the weather. :D I just didn't get around to it until near sunset, so I just hit up the treadmill at the hotel. I had NO pain! :) I kind of liked being on the treadmill in the case I did feel any discomfort I could just stop. But I actually felt great!

Also Wednesday: 50 minutes Elliptical, plus Abs. The Elliptical workout was pretty good, but my heart rate does not get very high on that thing, even when I crank it up. I was under 150 bpm most of the time, except toward the end when I got up to 160. The treadmill didn't have a HRM but I'm guessing I was twice that. :P

I'm heading to the gym in a few minutes for a weights session and some swimming. I tried to obtain a non-bikini so I don't look foolish, but Target doesn't have any! And as far as I'm concerned Target is the only store in the universe. Also I don't have a swim cap or goggles. Hey, I'm a beginner! I'm definitely sticking with the kicking-only till I get the goggles and swim cap.

In the morning I am going for another wonderful short run with Zach so I will be reporting on all that tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone!

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