Sunday, January 14, 2007

More happy happy happy

Sunday 2.5 miles/22:05/8:50 average pace

Zach got up and ran with me this morning in the COLD. It was in the upper 20's! That is insane for here. I loved it.

I bravely pushed past the 2 mile mark this time, and had no pain whatsoever. However, I have definitely lost some fitness, as I was breathing hard and my lungs were kinda stingy (of course the cold air didn't help). I hope in a couple weeks I am back to the efficient running machine I used to be. Ok, maybe a few weeks. Ok, eventually.

TOTAL miles for this fantastic week: 4.5 hee hee


Michele said...

Great run, i am so glad you are back out there. You will be back to the speed machine you were in no time.

Bob Gentile said...

Good Pace Jen... Keep on Smiling!! You will be back in your grove before you know it...keep up with that ICE and crosstraining too