Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Back to Back Runs!

Monday 2.0 miles/19:40/9:50 average pace

Zach and I went to the gym and did cardio then a class. So, for cardio I did the treadmill. I have been intending to add a Monday run to my schedule, cause I really think I can handle 4 days a week now. So I felt ok about it. I walked for 10 minutes and then stretched, which I've been doing before every run, then I did 1.5 miles at 6.0 mph and then the last half mile or so at 6.4. Also I checked my heart rate a couple of times and I'm glad to see it's not off the charts! It was about 165 15 minutes into the run and up to 170 by the end. I was working hard but not dying. It was neat to watch it come down after I stopped running and walked. After 1 minute it was 140, after 2 minutes 130 after 3 minutes 120. I think it was 95 or so by the time I got off. I'm pretty sure that's normal. :)

So, then we did this class called "Core Central" which I thought would be a good core workout. Well, it was basically a step aerobics/strength training with light weights type class. Pretty lame. But it was fun to do something different. The instructor was hilarious and Zach looked funny doing the moves. He thought he'd be the only guy but a couple showed up. It wasn't a great workout (aerobic or strength-wise) but it was fun.


Tuesday 3.5 miles/31:50/9:06 average pace

I got up in the freezing cold for my first back-to-back run and it went great. I felt strong and my leg felt perfect. The dirt shoulder that I usually run on was damp, just enough that the mud caked to the bottom of my shoes... so half the time I ran on the asphalt kicking the mud off, then I'd go back to the dirt. I tried running in the grass beyond the dirt, but it was very uneven and I kinda rolled my ankle. So I abandoned that strategy and went back to mud. My new shoes no longer look new!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Good job with the workouts. I have been reading a lot about how the best measure of cardio health is how quickly your heart rate recovers once you stop exercising. I don't remember the particulars of it off the top of my head, but I'm sure it is out on the web. Your's looks pretty good, though.

McBrideFarm said...

Hey Jen! Nice job on the back-to-back runs. I'm so glad to see you're able to build your mileage back up and the knee is cooperating.

The aerobics sounds funny. I would have to do a class like that with someone else, I think. It's too embarrassing alone. :)