Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday is pretty much Friday

Thursday 4.0 miles/35:52/8:59 average pace

I loaded my iPod with the new Norah Jones cd for this morning's run. I love it! I love her. It was cool out, but not cold, and kind of foggy. I was practically the only one on the trail this morning and just really enjoyed the music and the solitude and the run. I was kind of tired, and a little sore from lifting yesterday, but I was glad to be out there.

I did 4 strides in my final mile, which is a first for me post-injury. I had sped up for the last bit of a few of my runs, but this time I sped up, recovered, and did it again. I felt strong on the strides although I was working hard and needed a long recovery. They are supposed to be "for the legs, not the lungs" but dammit if my lungs weren't burning. :D I look forward to getting back into marathon shape and running fast again without dying.

ALSO, last night I went to the gym after work for a cardio/legs workout. First, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical, listening to my favorite running podcast Phedippidations.

Then, I did a legs/core workout. I did the "hamsrting push up" and "balance run" from Runner's World and I did dead lifts with 2 20 lb dumbells. I also did calf raises with the dumbells. And all the usual abs/core stuff. I'm not too sore today except my left calf and right quad (random!).

Finally, I had been thinking all week about how much fun I had swimming last weekend, so I got in the pool for 10 minutes for a kicking-only workout. I didn't want to attempt real swimming with so little time and no coach (Zach) but that was ok, it was just fun to be in the pool. I can see getting really into that. :) So counting that, I did 55 minutes of cardio.

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milotis said...

Glad to hear that your training is picking up - I'm sure the x-training is helping. Keep it up!