Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Evening Fun Run

Tuesday 6.0 miles/48:05/8:01 average pace

The schedule called for 3 mile repeats, but that did not appeal to me at all. I told myself I could skip the repeats as long as I get in a good hard run.

This was the first time since last fall that I was able to run after work, and it was fantastic!!! I loved not having to get up early, and I had SO much more energy during my run. I got to run on a favorite trail that isn't open in the mornings, and the sunset was beautiful. It was a really fun run. :)

I was feeling so good that I started the run off at a strong pace and kept it the entire time. So, while I did not do the 3 X 1 mile workout, I had some fast miles, and it worked out to be a solid tempo run.

1- 8:34
2- 8:08
3- 7:54
4- 7:56
5- 8:00
6- 7:30

(If I count the first mile as a warm up, the remaining 5 miles were at an average pace of 7:54)

My lower back was a little sore, which I think is from the hills on Monday. My shins are also kinda sore, which is pretty much normal for me. I need to start icing them more regularly- that helped a lot when training for CIM.

The hard part about my evening run was having to change quickly and then head to the gym to lift. I felt about the same for lifting as I have on the days where I run in the morning, but it did feel like a lot of exercise. I mean, I started my run about 5:15 and we didn't leave the gym till about 8:30. Of course there was driving time, and steam room time, but still, ugh. We didn't eat dinner until after 9:00 and then crawled right into bed. Busy night.

Yesterday I spent some time online at and got lots of good info. I think I will look into buying a book this weekend. Any recommendations on books or other websites? I know it's really early on, but I'm just looking for information at this point. Right now I am obviously focusing on the running, and trying to get a little swimming base to work from. I might look into taking a swim lesson sometime. I'm not even thinking about the bike thing right now, maybe after Boston.

I'm going to look for a swimsuit at Sport Chalet today at lunch, since I'm swimming tonight. Should be fun (ha ha).

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