Tuesday, February 06, 2007

6 weird things about me

Since Bob is sneaky and tagged everyone who reads his blog, and also since I need a break right now, here are 6 weird things about me. This should be easy.

1- I vacuum a lot more than the average person. It soothes me. It makes those little lines in my cheap apartment carpet and that brings me joy. I vacuum nearly every day. Zach said it costs a lot for the power I use, but I told him it's cheaper than therapy.

2- I used to be superstitious about the number 13, but then I decided it's a good number because it's the distance of a half marathon.

3- I watch a lot of cartoons and I'm embarrassed to admit that Spongebob Squarepants is one of my favorite shows. I like grown up cartoons like Family Guy and The Simpsons, for what it's worth.

4- I am afraid of the fluorescent light in my kitchen. The dining room dimmer switch is the only light that is allowed. I will FREAK OUT if the evil one gets turned on. I'm weird about lighting in general, I guess.

5- I'm a little obsessive about things matching. I can't use mismatched dishes at dinner and I match all my undergarments to my outfit (not just when I go out, but even like working out or camping). I also make sure my playlist has a "theme" because I don't like mismatched music. I also can't stand eating or watching people eat foods that don't go together. I often use the phrase "It's just not right" to describe these feelings and it drives Zach nuts. Especially when he wants to eat chips and salsa before dinner and we're having spaghetti.

6- Ok, this is getting hard. I don't want to list any other obsessive-compulsive type things, because that is starting to concern me... Oh I've got one! When I was at Girl Scount camp as a kid we always had to give ourselves "Camp Names" and I do this still today, every time I go for a hike. I'm usually "Butterfly" or something like that. I give one to Zach too, something manly like "Bobcat."

Ok that's it! Turns out I'm an obsessive-complusive 8 year old. Now you know the truth. :D

I'm not tagging anyone else, because if you clicked the link to Bob's blog you are automatically tagged. Hee hee.


TJ said...

spongebob rocks.
if vacuuming and matching are your most weird traits....you're doin alright. :)

Lance Notstrong said...

I've heard of undergarments matching each other, but undergraments matching the clothes too?

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

These kinds of things are only weird if people don't stop long enough to understand them.

Now, astronuts driving across the country in dipers to murder someone...that's weird.

Arcaner said...

so when hubby buys you a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, it's actually a good thing?

jen said...

Ya Arcaner, IF my husband WOULD have bought me a vacuum for Christmas, it WOULD have been a good thing. :( Hmmph.

JK.. I want a super fancy expensive vacuum, so we are saving up for it. I'm quite excited. :D

Bob Gentile said...

Jennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn U try to SNEAK this in on me you WEIRDO :-) I just seen your LIST, thanks for playing!

Welcome to Weird LAND... You are quite NORMAL umm to YOU--haha... great list, it's actually pretty cleansing huh.

It has been fun to read other bloggers weird things we all do.

love the vacuum daily---ahhh that's great !! what else food mis matching 2 funny.

Well thanks again for joining the tag it has been a blast ...did u read Lisa B's yet ahhh she really got into the whole logic behind weirdness, I told her thanks a lot sh got me fired up to tagg more people because of HOW fantastically weird we all are :-)

Take care,