Thursday, February 08, 2007

Swim and Run and Mismatched Music

Thursday 6.0 miles/54:32/9:05 average pace

This run felt pretty easy for the most part. It might be the first run I could honestly describe as even partially easy. It was a beautiful cloudy morning and I felt great the whole time.

Since I mentioned in my "Weird" post about being obsessive-ish about things matching or having a theme, I decided to create a random mismatched playlist for my run. And I loved it! Featured artists that do not have anything in common besides that I love them included: Al Green, Bob Marley, Journey, Nina Simone, Matisyahu, and Black Eyed Peas.

Also, last night (Wednesday) I went to the gym and I swam! (Swam is a really weird word... is that right??) I swimmed (nope, definitely not.) for about 40 minutes and did 18 total laps!! That is 900 yards (or meters? No, yards.). I did 2 laps kicking only, then 15 laps swimming (weee!) then 1 lap kicking only. I was going to do more of those for a cool down, but my toe cramped up! OUCH! Does that happen very often to other swimmers? Is there anything I can do to avoid it? For the record, I did eat a banana right before I started.

I am so loving the swimming. I'm still so inexperienced and a little self-concious, but I think it is so fun. :) I am getting OK with my little method, but I know I need to work on my form and all that. I would love to take a lesson or something. But right now I'm just getting my feet wet (hilarious pun intended!) so I'll just have fun with it for now.

Things I need to clarify right now:

The pool is 25 Yards, not meters, right? (I'm sure about the 25 just not the yards/meters)

Swam? Swum? Swimmed? Swammed? Swummed?

Down and back is a Lap, just down is a length. (I actually know this, thanks to Michele, I'm just reviewing for myself)

Toe cramps suck, what to do?


Michele said...

Glad you are having so much fun swimming. How is your cycling? Ready to become a triathlete????

The pool could be yards or meters ask the life guard, they MIGHT know.

Never had a toe cramp.

Bob Gentile said...

Jen Said:Swam? Swum? Swimmed? Swammed? Swummed?

LOLOLOL ahhh funny

I have swummed earlier today :-)

SWUMMED that's way WEIRDER then swam--lol

Hey Jen, I just read your WEIRD list, glad I seen it...u almost SNUCK it by me :-(

snuck lolol another WEIRD word...

OK I am leaving now, I am weird enough and don't neeed any more Ideas from YOU :-(


PS I am typing in my word verification and it is Siici

did it just call me a SICKY? or SISSY? ---O my WEIRDDDDDDDDD

Eed said...

I always get toe/foot cramps when I start swimming again. Once you get conditioned a bit w/it you'll be fine, definitely keep stretching though! I swam 1000 meters yesterday and I have swum at least 10,000 in my lifetime. Fun with conjugations!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Back when I first started doing triathlons I would get foot cramps. I think it is because runners aren't used to making their feet go that way and it takes a little training to get it working.

I was a terrible swimmer when I started triathlons, and I wan't great when I stopped, but I did get quite a bit better in between. Just stick with it and it will start to "click."

Good job!!