Monday, February 26, 2007

Week 7 Schedule

Boston is 7 weeks from today. Wee!

Monday: 5 miles easy (+ legs and core)

Tuesday: 7 miles with 5 miles at LT pace (+ upper body)

Wednesday: (swim + legs and core)

Thursday: 8 miles MP (+ upper body)

Friday: off

Saturday: 16 miles long run

Sunday: (swim)

TOTAL miles scheduled: 36

My goals this week are to NOT skip any upper body strength days, and if I must miss a lower/core strength day, I need to at least do something- a home workout of crunches and stuff for example.

I might try going to the gym to swim in the morning on Wednesday, just to see how busy it is. But I have a feeling there are lots of people who swim in the mornings.

Today I have to go to the gym to run my 5 miles because it's been freaking dumping rain ALL DAY. Ugh. oh well, this way I'll do my legs and abs weights at least.

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