Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WEEK 9 Schedule (halfway done already)

Here is the schedule for Week 9 (9 weeks to go) of Boston training:

Monday: 4 miles easy (+ legs and abs strength training)

Tuesday: 6 miles with 4 at LT pace (+ upper body ST)

Wednesday: (XT + legs and abs ST)

Thursday: 6 miles Goal Marathon Pace (+ upper body ST)

Friday: 12 miles LONG run

Saturday: off

Sunday: off

As you can see, this week is wacky because we are going to Phoenix and I will not have a chance to do a long run there. I will probably take Thursday's run pretty easy so I can be fresh-ish for Friday's long run. Fresh-ish. Fresh-ish. That's fun to say.

So.... with that I will post the reports of Monday and Tuesday's runs, which I did in Los Angeles this week.

Monday 4.0 miles/38:10/9:33 average pace

Treadmill at the 24 hr Fitness by my hotel. Pretty boring. I also did leg weights (abductor and aductor machines) and core stuff. I was reminded how nice my gym at home is. OH! The highlight of Monday's workout was while listening to my favorite running podacast Phedippidations . I was completely surprised to hear him mention my blog at the end of his podcast as the Featured Running Blog of the Week!!! That was cool. He has read my race reports on his show and always replies to my emails, and is just a really nice guy. :)

Tuesday 6.0 miles/50:04/8:21 average pace

This was the Tempo run, and I was not that excited about it. I drove down to the beach to run on the boardwalk, which I love, and told myself I didn't have to do the tempo pace if I didn't want, just had to get the miles in. Well, that tricked me into getting out the door, but of course once I was there I decided to just do the workout. Dammit! Well, it went really well! I was nervous I wouldn't be able to run my old tempo pace of 7:45-8:00, but I surprised myself. Here's my splits:

9:47 warm up mile

LT mile 1- 8:02 (not bad, I felt like I wasn't working very hard)
LT mile 2- 7:47 (wow!)
LT mile 3- 7:52 (keeping it up)
LT mile 4- 7:49 (now I'm getting tired)

8:45 cool down mile

Whoo hoo! I was so happy with that pace. I know I couldn't have done that 3 weeks ago but I think I'm regaining some of that lost fitness already. :)

After I got home, I went to the gym with Zach and lifted weights.

Happy Valentine's Day!


TJ said...

wow! i'm tired just reading about that tempo run. good work!

Milotis said...

And a Happy Valentines Day to you too :-)