Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Week 8 Schedule, Monday's trail run, and potential Triathlon plans

Week 8 Schedule:

Monday: 5 miles easy (+ legs & abs)

Tuesday: 6.5 miles total- 1 mile warm up, 3 X 1 mile hard w/ .5 mile recovery, 1 mile cool down (+ upper body & abs)

Wednesday: (XT + legs & abs)

Thursday: 8 miles GA (+ upper body & abs)

Friday: off

Saturday: 14 miles Long

Sunday: XT

total miles scheduled: 33.5


So.... I started off the week with

Monday 5.25 miles/49:52/9:30 pace

Zach and I flew home from Phoenix in the morning then went to beautiful Lake Chabot for a hilly run, partially on trails. My legs felt great and it was tons of fun. Our splits show how tough the run was at times:

10:26 BIG hill!
2:01 (.25 miles- 8:04 pace)

They have some trail races there that I would love to try sometime. I did no weights since I didn't go to the gym. Today I am running AFTER work for the first time in many months. Hooray!

While in Phoenix, I took advantage of my time with Melanie, my awesome triathlete mother-in-law, and asked her tons of questions about swimming. I was happy to hear that she started out just like me and now she loves tris and open water swimming and all that. :) It was very encouraging. She always has suggested I come down to San Diego where she lives and do the Mission Bay Tri which is in the fall. She's done it several times, and is planning on doing it again this year. So that's something I am considering. :) She has a bike I can borrow if I don't get one before then. How exciting!! After I finish Boston I will think more about it. I think I can get Zach to do it too.


Michele said...

With all that swimming, I knew the tri bug would get you ; ) Welcome aboard!!!

Looks like a great first tri. My first was just 6 weeks after I got the idea and I didn't even have a bike.

Looks like a beautiful place to run. Sometimes it is worth slowing down to have scenery.

TJ said...

that looks like a great place to run. you should totally do the tri. you'll be hooked.