Thursday, February 22, 2007

Swimming breakthrough!

Wednesday I swam 20 laps in 40 minutes and felt really good. I felt like a "real" swimmer in my sporty new suit (I got the black one).

I had two big breakthroughs last night. The big one is that I was able to breathe in from both sides!!! It was a little awkward at first, but after a few tries I got it down and I really like that method better. :) It is easier to get into a rhythm when I can breathe from alternate sides every 3 strokes, rather than having to choose to breathe every 2 OR 4 strokes. 2 is too often and 4 is not enough. It was great!

Second, I shared a lane! I was nervous before about doing this because I drift all over and didn't have any control, but last night I offered to share with another self-proclaimed "rookie" swimmer and we did just fine. We were going the same pace so it was easy to know where he was and when we'd pass. It wasn't so bad at all. :)

Overall, I just felt great. I am working on not stopping for so long at each end, but I do still need to take a couple breaths at least. I can't wait till I can just go down and back without stopping. I'll get so many more laps in a given time period- I can't believe that in a normal workout this week Michele swam 1450 yards in about 30 minutes! I did 1000 in 40 minutes, she's like twice as fast as me! Wow, she's good. :) I love reading about her swimming (and biking, and running) along with all you other triathletes. You are my inspiration. :)

I'm running after work today since it was pouring this morning (and I was tired from staying up late to watch LOST). Hope the rain stops by then!


Michele said...

Hey, I have been swimming a lot longer then you. My first attempt I couldn't even make it a lenght. You are doing GREAT. And you kick my butt running every day! I am playing my age card on that one :)

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Jen, How ya been? just stoppping bye and I see your workouts are going great... way to go!

Fran said...

Nice suit. You're well on your way to the triathlon. Good about the breathing out of both sides thing. When I try to do it, it feels very forced for me.