Friday, February 16, 2007

Long Run and Week 9 Summary

Friday 12.0 miles/1:49:19/9:07 average pace

Ugh, I hate to complain, because I know how cold it is in most of the country right now, but I was TOO WARM on my run today. I was hot and uncomfortable. Blech. It was my fault, I overdressed AGAIN. I don't know if I mentioned that last week, but I was dressed for like 40 degrees ... and 40 degrees it was NOT. Same thing this week. In my defense, it was in the 40's and foggy when I got up, but it was nearly 60 by the time I started running and nearly 70 degrees (!!!) by the time I was done at 10:45. My long pants and short sleeve shirt were too much. I need to get it through my head that it's warming up and I can wear shorts.

So I didn't get to enjoy the beautiful weather... Instead, I cursed it. And as most runners will agree, being overdressed and too warm is a really awful feeling. A high temperature is one thing, it is uncomfortable but at least it isn't your own stupid fault. Ugh I just wanted to rip those stupid pants off at the knee. So lesson learned. I think the run was ok besides the temperature issue. I was working pretty hard at times and sweating a lot, and felt a little sluggish. All temperature-related. I brought a Clif Shot (chocolate flavor- pretty good!) and drank water, I figured should put the eating/drinking strategy back in action. The 12 miles almost felt like a real long run. Next week's 14 will definitely feel that way, I was doing 12 on weekday mornings before CIM, but 14 is actually LONG. Plus that'll put me over the 2 hour mark which is significant too. Ok enough rambling. Here are thee splits:

1- 9:17
2- 9:04
3- 9:03
4- 8:56
5- 9:05
6- 9:08 (really consistent so far)
7- 9:24 (started getting hot and tired)
8- 9:11
9- 9:27
10- 9:04 (let's get this over with)
11- 9:06
12- 8:29 (yay!)

TOTAL miles for week 9 (I am not even bringing my running shoes to Phx, so this is it): 28

Plus: Weight Training: legs and abs 2 times, upper body 1 time
Cross Training: one day- 15 minutes bike and 20 minutes swim

I'm off to even warmer weather to visit family and my best friend. :) Sorry about hogging all the sunshine.


Arcaner said...

40 degree weather? I'd give anything for 40 degree weather right now.

Cory said...

I have to agree with you, overdressing is a drag! I can only wait myself for weather that warm. Thanks for sharing.