Friday, February 23, 2007

Chilly, Drizzly Evening run

Thursday 8.0 miles/1:09:44/8:43 average pace

The rain had stopped in the late morning, and it was pretty nice all afternoon, but as soon as I got outside to run, it came back. It was really just a drizzle, and it went away after a while, but it was windy and cold. My shins and calves felt really tight and sore at first but got better throughout the run, and my breathing was in control and the run actually felt kind of easy. Hooray!

1- 8:59
2- 8:37
3- 8:38
4- 8:54
5- 8:54
6- 8:49
7- 8:45
8- 8:06

Zach and I are both fighting this almost-sore-throat thing, so after the run I had some lovely coughing happening. We went to the gym specifically to steam, and of course the steam room was out of service. Tarter sauce! So we sat out in the hot tub in the rain which was kind of nice.

So I've officially skipped 3 of my 4 scheduled weights workouts (both legs days, and one upper body day) this week, but oh well. I'll do better next week. I'm so glad today is a rest day. Tomorrow is 14 miles!


Lance Notstrong said...

Gargle with more sore-throat.

Michele said...

Zicam for that throat. Stuff is great.

Awesome run. Enjoy the rest day and good luck on the long run tomorrow.

Bob Gentile said...

Fresh Pineapple ...but you have to JUICE ...there is something in that pineapple that is good for removing the virus in the throat...I been using it for years, when I can feel a sore throat and it works to get rid of it fast :-)

take care,


Kevin said...

"Tarter Sauce"?? LOL.. Do you only say that during lent? ;-P

Good luck with that sore throat girl.