Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Indoor Running

Monday 5.0 miles/49:05/9:49 average pace

I was forced inside by the rain yesterday- lots and lots of rain all day long. Usually I don't really mind the rain but it was really pouring. The treadmill actually wasn't so bad after all, the miles went by pretty quick. My right knee/leg felt kind of tight at first but that went away. I'll keep an eye on it tonight.

After the treadmill I did some leg and core strength training including hamstring push up and squat "sits" on the half-ball for legs, and crunches for core. I stretched too and then sat in the steam room.

Quick side story- when I first got to the gym, the cardio area looked really busy but there was no one in the pool. So for a fraction of a second I thought about swimming instead of running. What's happening to me!?!? :D


Bob Gentile said...

ummm Miss Boston ...come on focus on the running---lol

I am kidding and I know you are but just wanted to say something in reply to your comment about going swimming and tie in the Boston event coming up also--lol

so that was the best I can come up with for now...ahhhh ok, OK

I am pretty excited for you about your event coming up on April 16th... what a great event to be in and I love that number 111 ...what history!



Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Beware those tri-geeks trying to hypnotize you. Stay away from the light...