Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Triathlete Wannabe

Tuesday 3.0 miles/26:09/8:43 average pace

This run felt so good! The best one so far. I know I've been saying I have no pain on my runs, and I haven't, but each time I obsess the entire time (especially the last mile) whether or not I have pain. "Was that a twinge?" "I think that hurts.. maybe not." "Oh that's my knee, no it's better now." But today: NADA! Hooooray!

Here's my splits, just because I dearly miss posting them:


I sped up for the last quarter mile and it felt great. That's the first time I've tried that and it went well. Yay knee!

So, yesterday I went to the gym and mixed it up a bit. I started with weights: Legs and Abs. I have been hesitant to add leg weights, but the time has come. So I think I'll do legs along with my short abs workout on my XT days. So seperate from the mega lift w/ Zach which is only upper body and abs.

I did the following for my legs:

1) shoot I don't know what they are called. Using the pulley machine I hook a loop around my ankle and lift my leg out to the side (to work the outside of my leg), and then pull across my body to work the inside of my leg. I guess I'll call them abductor/adductor pulls. (but I'm open to corrections)

2) straight leg dead lifts. Using the 40 and 50 lb barbell. Seemed easy at the time, but my lower back and hamstrings are SORE today!

3) calf raises with weights.

I also did ab workout and lower back extentions (adding to my soreness today I'm sure!)

THEN I did a fun Triathlete Wannabe Brick workout! I did 25 minutes on the bike, which I'm getting way better at. I like the regular bike, not the recumbant bike which I find to be way more difficult. I was up to level 10 (of 20) and my heart was really pumping. Whoo hoo! Then I changed and did 20 minutes of swimming (kicking only). I did 10 laps (20 lengths (Thanks Michele!)). It was a little easier this time! So I completed the trifecta with a run this morning and I'd say I'm ready for the Ironman. :P


Michele said...

Hooray for the knee! Glad it is holding up.

Awesome job on all that cross training. Wanna go to the Gulf Coast Tri with me??? :)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with your workouts! In answer to your naming question, those are Cable Hip Abductions and Cable Hip Adductions.

Keep it up!!