Saturday, January 20, 2007

What a week :)

Saturday 3.0 miles/28:21/9:27 average pace

Yay! No pain, none, not any, zero. :)

Feels good to finally reach that 3 mile point. I know my body is just getting used to running again, and I have to take it easy, but MAN running 2 miles is so lame.

So last night we lifted weights for 1 hour and 15 minutes. We do so many things, but it always includes something for each of the following: upper back, chest, shoulders, bicep, tricep, lower back and abs. I would like to maybe start tracking the exercises we do and the weight, but it's hard to remember. I know I did shoulder press with 30 lb dumbbells in each hand, which was really tough. I bench pressed 85 lbs but needed Zach's help after one. I curl this one curvy weird bar, which I don't know how much it weighs (30-35 lbs?) with little 2 1/2 lb weights on each side, and that isn't very hard. Hmmm I need to bring a notebook or something next time! I would really like to see my progress. I feel really strong though and am getting more comfortable in the weight room with all those huge muscular doods. Of course it helps to have a muscular dood for a husband. :)

Oh, I finished up with two balance exercises I saw in Runner's World this issue. One is you stand on a half-ball with a slight bend in the legs and holding light weights, swing your arms in a running motion for a minute. This works your arms and core and balance. Also, stand on the half-ball one foot at a time to increase ankle strength and balance. I also stretched really good and rolled on the foam roller.

After lifting I did some laps in the pool with the kickboard for about 15-20 minutes. HOLY MOLY that is hard! My quads were burning before I got to the other end of the pool that first lap. I went down and back 8 times (so is that 8 laps or 16 laps?). I am not sure of the size of the pool. It's not Olympic length for sure, so I guess 25 meters(yards?)? I timed myself and it took me about 1 minute 30 seconds to down and back, then I'd rest for about 30 seconds. It was really fun! I was very tired by the end, but I know I can improve after a few times. It is something I will definitely do again. Maybe there is a triathlete inside of me after all! Do you think they'd let me bring a kickboard? ;)

TOTAL miles for this glorious week: 7.8 :) Hoorah!

Plus: 3 long lifting sessions w/ Zach, 1 short abs only session
60 minutes elliptical (50 in one workout and 10 in another)
15 minutes swim - kicking only

(edited Sunday 1-21-07 to add additional lifting session for the week!)


Anonymous said...

Good Job Jen from us in Montana M&D

Michele said...

A length is from one end to the other, a lap is a down and back. So you did 8 laps or 16 lengths. I count lengths because it is easier for me to remember. It has to be an odd number at one end and an even at the other. I am less likely to lose count that way.

Congrats on the great workout. I can totally see the triathlete in you!!!

Marathon Maritza said...

You can swim! :)

I miss you, so I am going to harass you about the prospective 4-miler on Saturday until the cows come home.

Nice work!