Thursday, January 04, 2007

Howdy from Houston!

I'm in Houston Texas for a super exciting work project... Ok It's pretty boring but I am excited because I've never been to Texas. Yee Haw!

I'm totally enjoying the cross training these days. I did 45 minutes on the eliptical and a short upper body weights routine today, and I'll do another cardio session and maybe ab routine tomorrow. I'm trying to do more cardio so that it somewhat simulates a regular running schedule... So for example my 45 minutes eliptical is like a 5 mile run. If I have any hope of staying in shape, I need to be doing more than the equivalant of 10 miles a week.

Furthermore, I've realized that when I DO start running again, I will continue cross training as a way of keeping up my fitness. The first few weeks my mileage will be really low, but I will supplement with longer cross training sessions to keep a solid program going. I even think this plan would work as a modified marathon training program- get in 3 quality runs a week (tempo or speed, long run, medium long run) and 2 days of XT (cross training) and weights. I like it. :)

I see the doctor one week from today to get the resutls of my MRI. I really feel that I am ok, with none of the serious things the doctor is testing for. I would be really surprised if he finds anything. So I'm looking forward to running again SOON. I seriously, seriously, seriously miss it.


Bob Gentile said...

Way to Go JEN, I bought a new elliptical about 6 months ago (Bremshey-orbit) I love it!!!

YES my Coach (Lisa Smith-Batchen) is ALL about Cross Training...

she has me doing all kinds of different exercises and speed work, weights etc... the JUMP ROPE is rough -- I suck :-( I was jumping too high but actually I am getting better at it... FINALLY !!

Enjoy Texas Been there a lot,


Michele said...

The training program I used for my Dec marathon was a 3 day a week run with the other days cross training.

Have fun in Texas, I have never been either.