Thursday, January 25, 2007

Froggy Morning

Thursday 3.0 miles/26:48/8:55 average pace

I felt great on my foggy run this morning, eventually. At first I was slightly anxious because I'm a little sore from lifting again. So I thought "Is that a sore hamstring or a sore knee?" But fortunately, after I got going, it was really neither. I also felt a little sluggish for the first couple of miles but was able to speed up for the last little bit again and finished strong.



Last night after work I went to the gym and did one hour on the elliptical! My heart rate got up to 150 after 20-30 minutes, but as I increased the resistance and was working harder I was around 165 at the peak. I still don't feel like it is really difficult, but I've been trying to make it harder to make it worth my while. I still think running 25 minutes is harder!

After the cardio, I did leg weights and abs. For legs, I did a squat-sit on the BOSU ball (squat and hold... the doc said no lunges or squats but I think this is better?)

I also did ab/adductor leg raises- just lying on my side with weight resting on my leg and lift- 80's aerobics video style.

Finally, I did the Hamstring Push Up, a bridge/lift kind of move with the bosu ball, which I read about in this month's issue of Runner's World. LINK

Oh, that Balance Run move is on there too, although I didn't do it yesterday. That's where you stand on the ball and swing your arms in a running motion with light weights.

I did the abs stuff too, but nothing new or exciting.

Tonight is upper body weight lifting with Zach. We're going to do something called Supersets which he said will be challenging. It should be interesting!

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Marathon Maritza said...

Wow, I guess it's been a while since I've seen you because I don't recognize you in ANY of these pictures...