Saturday, January 27, 2007

"LONG" Run!

Saturday 5.0 miles/48:46/9:45 average pace

I met up with Maritza this morning for a nice run up by her house. It was drizzling but warmer- about 50 degrees- and there were tons of people out on the trail. We chatted the whole time and played around with our new Garmins (which were perfectly in synch) and before I knew it we had done 5 whole miles! I had ZERO pain and in fact I felt like I could have kept going! It was fantastic. I am feeling really encouraged that my leg is recovered and can handle a little more running. Whoo hoo!!!

Here's our splits:


Yay! It felt so good to run and it was fun having my running buddy with me. :) She is just re-building after CIM as well, so we're on the same page with that. I think we'll go again next week for an even longer one. Since we did our first marathon together she's always been my running inspiration. We're sole-mates (ha ha. Cheese!).

Ok well after the run, Zach and I grabbed breakfast then headed up to the gym. While he worked out I went to Yoga, which was awesome. The instructor was great and it felt wonderful. I am going to try to do that class after long runs since I felt so stretched out and relaxed - and I tend to be so tight after a long run. Then we sat in the hot tub so I'm feeling super.

OH- and Thursday evening I lifted weights with Zach. We did a few different exercises and I was pretty sore yesterday! I think we are going tomorrow again, so I will wait to post my weekly totals. But it has been a really good week. :)


Michele said...

Hooray for running buddies. I got mine back this week too. Makes running so much more fun.

Arcaner said...

Good to hear your leg is doing better now.