Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week In Review

I went swimming with Zach this morning and I mean REALLY swimming! I was in the pool a total of 45 minutes but a lot (a lot) of the time was spent getting instruction and help from Zach. My problem is the breathing technique- I just cannot do it. He was so patient and a really good teacher. After I struggled for awhile, I was starting to get it kinda. By the end I could pretty much swim the length of pool with decent form and actually breathing. No-to-very little thrashing and gasping. And when I finally reached that point I of course got to see really how aerobically challenging swimming is. Yikes. I had a ton of fun and plan to go back soon. :)

Here's the story of my week:

TOTAL miles: 11 (yee haw!)
Total weight sessions: 3 total- 2 lower body/core and 1 upper body/core
Total XT cario sessions: 2 hr 30 min total- 25 minutes bike, 65 minutes swim (counting today), 60 minutes elliptical.
Other: yoga once :)


Milotis said...

GREAT WEEK!! 5 miles on Saturday - that's really good! I think your cross training is really helping and you will be ready for Boston in no time ;-).

TJ said...

great week!

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