Friday, November 16, 2007

Extra Rest and Early-Onset Taper Madness

Thursday 6.0 miles/53:27/8:55 average pace

We had a really fun trip to LA- got a lot of work stuff done but had plenty of time for beers on the beach at sunset and a nice run along the boardwalk in the morning. I'll post pictures this weekend when I get them loaded.

My shins were hurting pretty good again this week- I toughed it out during the run yesterday but I decided to take today off. My lower shins were sore during the run, and throughout the day I developed an ache in my left leg up to the knee. I had that before Boston too, and it worried me then. It didn't bother me in the marathon though and didn't come back until just this week, so I don't know what to think. Taking a day off was not an easy decision, pretty stressful to be honest. I am sure a lot of you can relate to how I'm feeling- worrying myself sick thinking the worst about my leg (s), trying to calm myself down but not buying it, stressing out about missing important Goal-Pace run, wondering if I'll be ok to run the marathon, wondering if the marathon will suck, and wondering why the hell I ever got myself into this. You know you're getting taper-madness when your line of thinking goes from "My shin hurts" to "What the hell am I thinking" in 10 seconds flat. Sigh.

My leg (s) feel allright today, and I'm going to ice tonight. I also got new shoes today (I didn't realize mine were nearly worn out already!) and will continue to rest/ice/stretch as much as possible. It's taper time which means resting and being healthy is #1 priority, and training is #2. I will try not to obsess too much.

I am planning on running my 16 miler tomorrow, but I will be very smart and listen to my body. I will be running on the Iron Horse trail which has a dirt path the whole way and will be easier on my legs. Zach will be with me on his bike so worst-case-scenario I will ride home and he can run- hehe. I'm making a Bonus Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night just for fun so I will be distracted from taper-madness by cooking all afternoon. :)


Michele said...

You did the right thing. Rest and take care of those legs.
You are going to do great at the marathon, just be able to make it to the start line.

ShirleyPerly said...

Hi Jen, Found your blog via Petra. I'm originally from the S.F. Bay area (Easy Bay near Berkeley) but didn't start running marathons until I moved to FL. I hear ya about stressing when something's bothering you before a big race. But I agree with Michele about getting to the start line as healthy as possible. Hopefully the new shoes will help.

Best of luck!!

Paul said...

Stay on top of that stretching and get a foam roller if you don't have one...Keep up the good work.

miss petite america said...

girl, you got it totally under control! you're being smart by resting and icing. and running on dirt trails.

also keeping busy by cooking is excellent in my book! it can be such therapy!

Petraruns said...

Oh Jen - taper madness is just that! Madness! You are so there - you're fully trained and ready - you just need to get there. Try to rest and ice those legs. You will do great!

Zach said...

Good job on the run today - I think that you made the right choice by running on the dirt trail today. I'm sure you are plenty trained for CIM and you will have a great race.

Looking forward to the dinner this evening - it's starting to smell good - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)

Had fun down in LA w/ you too. Thanks for taking me along with you - running along the strand was really cool.

Donald said...

Hey - I tried to send this to you via e-mail, but it got kicked back. So in regards to last comment to me ...

I went through a very long marathon phase (4-5 per year for several years), shooting for Boston qualifiers and other time goals, but eventually I realized it was limiting other experiences that I could be having. I think the variety of races is much larger now than it’s ever been, and that helps to keep things fresh, like there’s always something new to try. It sounds like you’re already near that point of venturing away to other sports, which I would bet helps to get your inspiration back.

P.S. Good luck with your marathon!