Monday, November 19, 2007

Pfitz Week 11 schedule and Tagged!

The marathon is now less than two weeks away!

Here's the plan for this week- it will not resemble Pfitz as written because I'm playing it super safe and running conservative mileage, and I'm also doing a Thanksgiving Day 5k. :)

Monday: rest (done!)

Tuesday: 8 miles GA

Wednesday: rest (drive down to San Diego)

Thursday: Thanksgiving Day 5k

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest (drive home)

Sunday: 12 miles Medium-Long

Total miles planned: 23.1

Petra tagged me, so here goes- 5 facts about myself, some random, some weird:

- I was born in Montana and lived there until I was 21 (5 + years ago). I don't really feel like a Californian but I feel weird when I go back to MT for a visit. I like to remember how wonderful small (ish) town life was and how fun winter was, and forget about the lack of shopping & culture and how depressing February-April is there. :) I also like to complain about sunshine and heat. Basically, I can't accept my situation, which is weird.
- I've never had a pet dog. I want one (when we get a house/move back to Montana). I have always had at least one pet cat.
- I always fall asleep when watching movies at home. I've never seen the last 1/2 of most movies.
- I started college wanting to be a writer. I didn't work very hard and along with some poor social choices (ahem), nearly got kicked out of school for failing several courses in my first year. In my sophomore year I became a Geography major in college and graduated with Honors and a President's Award for my grades in my field.
- I have always wanted to be hit in the face with a pie, like in the movies. People around me know this, yet it still hasn't happened. :(


Petraruns said...

Those are very very good! I once laughed so hard I put my face into a plate of spaghetti bolognese - but the pie thing hadn't crossed my mind. A good one to remember though - one day I hope I'll be able to accomodate!

Ewen said...

I hope your week goes well Jen. Keep going with your friend the ice-bucket.

I had a chuckle about falling asleep watching movies at home - I always do that when watching a DVD at friends' (unless it's total noisy action like Bourne) - very embarrassing.

Nice photos. The light at sunset is fantastic.

Gotta Run said...

You better watch it... someone will pie you now :)


Making adjestments in your plan is a must this time of year. Good planning ahead!!

miss petite america said...

DUDE!!! i could totally hit you in the face with a pie! what kind??

i'm in sac right now and i saw a banner for CIM. it's next weekend!!!!!! i got all excited for you!