Monday, November 05, 2007

Pfitz Week 9 Schedule

Monday 5.0 miles/45:27/9:06 average pace

Easy run with Strides at the end- felt good today. It's so nice not having to run in the dark.

Tuesday: 10 miles w/ VO2 Intervals 4 x 1200

Wednesday: rest/cross training

Thursday: 10 miles General Aerobic

Friday: 5 miles Easy

Saturday: 20 miles Long

Sunday: rest/cross training

TOTAL miles scheduled: 50

So I'm feeling physically very good- the shins/calves thing seems to have passed with the help of buckets of ice water and lots of stretching. However, the past week my enthusiasm has been ZERO. I was bored as hell on Saturday's long run, and just generally haven't been excited about running. I am allright with this- I don't care how unmotivated I am today, tomorrow, or for the next 26 days. I only need to be motivated on December 2nd and I'm sure I will be. For now I will just keep on keepin' on and try not to complain too much. In fact, I am very grateful I'm not having any real aches or pains, so I'll take it. I admit I am looking forward to a running break after CIM and possibly a longer one after Boston... maybe it's time to focus on cycling and triathlon for a few months? Of course I say that now and yet I know I'll sign up for another fall marathon next year. Sigh.

Congratulations to the wonderful Miss Marathon Maritza on completing her 3rd marathon in New York City this weekend!! I'll let her share the details but I will say that I'm very proud of her (of course) and that she finished somewhere ahead of Katie Holmes and somewhere behind Lance Armstrong. :)


Zach said...

First of all I love the Joe Dirt quote, that will always be a classic.

Second: ... maybe it's time to focus on cycling and triathlon for a few months

YES!!! That it is my darling, that it is :)

miss petite america said...

sometimes just "keeping on" is more than enough! :) i'm impressed you still get out there day in and day out, no matter what.

Petraruns said...

Absolutely. Motivation comes and goes but as long as you're putting in the miles you are doing great. You know what - I always think that after a race I will take a long break? Although I'm not in training, 2 weeks after my marathon I'm reading the Pfitz book (thanks for the tips) and planning a spring marathon. What is it about this running thang? Like you, however, I'm going to cross train on my bike and in the pool this time.. But keep it up hon - you're doing amazingly and can't wait to see how you do on Dec. 2!

Mir said...

That motivation will return on or before race day...just think how good you will feel to stand on the line so well-prepared! You can do it!

jahowie said...

I felt the same way last week. I just wasn't having fun with my running until race day. I'm sure that you will find your mojo again. :-)