Sunday, November 11, 2007

Long run week 9: Perfect 20!

Saturday 20.0 miles/2:56:22/8:49 average pace

I drove into San Francisco about 8:00 am and started my run shortly after 9:00. It was really foggy but that quickly turned into drizzle- and it continued to drizzle/rain for most the run. However, I had a fantastic run!

I ran the 8.5 miles or so loop through Golden Gate Park which has some long but slight hills to climb and a lot of interesting things and people to look at. Then I exited the park and headed south along the Great Highway which parallels the coast at Ocean Beach. I ate three Luna Moons, which are the new gummy snack from Luna and they were delicious! I watched the huge waves and saw lots of runners. At about 12 miles I began my loop around Lake Merced, which also has some gradual inclines but I felt very strong. I felt like the miles were zooming by and I wasn't tired in the slightest. I was about out of water at this point and was really hoping to find a fountain- sure enough I did about at 14.5 miles. I took a short break to refill- and I ate 5 more of the Moons and drank a bunch of water and called Zach to update him. It was really raining at this point and I was soaked! I was feeling great though and knew I was nearly done. I finished my loop around the lake and at about 16 miles headed back up the coast toward my finish line. Still feeling good- I had to double past my car just a bit to get in the distance, and I really powered through the last half mile or so at a tempo pace. Whoo hoo! What a great run. I stretched out briefly (it was pouring now!) while watching waves crashing on the beach. I changed into a dry shirt and went to a little cafe for a hot breakfast and some coffee.

I felt good after- my calves are a little tight but that's it. Zach and I soaked in the hot tub at the apartment complex pool (I soaked my legs in the freezing swimming pool for a few minutes too) and have had a pretty relaxing weekend. I just got back from an hour or so walk and my legs are feeling good, just a little tight.

Here's my 5 mile splits like last time- I was faster overall this time by about a minute and a half. I was more consistent overall but I did gradually speed up:

First 5: 45:10 (9:02 average pace)

Second 5: 44:29 (8:54 ave)

Third 5: 43:54 (8:47 ave)

Last 5: 42:49 (8:34 ave)

Total miles for the week: 50


Ewen said...

That's a great run! Especially each 5 -mile split being faster. Average was PR marathon pace, so I guess you're in shape to run 3:30 or better.

I had a few runs in that park and along the beach when we were in San Francisco - it's a great spot.

Petraruns said...

You are SO fast! And it sounds like you really enjoyed the run as well. Amazing. Well done girl - you're so very very ready!

Mir said...

Wow, you are SO ready for this marathon. I can't believe your endurance--fast each 5 mile increment. That's awesome!

Debbie said...

What a fun run!! Sounds like a great place to run!

jahowie said...

50 miles in a week. You are too awesome!! I hope to be as fast as you someday. :-)

Michele said...

awesome job on your last 20.

you are going to do great at your marathon!

my last 20 is this Friday can you send some of those good running vibes this way please.

miss petite america said...

my dear, you are a running machine!!!

and i just relived part of my marathon!;)

Phil said...

Great splits Jen! I agree with Ewen, your in fantastic shape.

Also, it must be a matter of perspective, but you when you started out this post describing the fog and the wet weather, I was very jealous.

GB said...

Great job, Jen. Is it officially Taper Time yet? :)

Kevin said...

I just LOVE your updates!
My sister lives in Lake Tahoe and tells me that she loves it when people visit and tell her how beautiful it is there because she tends to forget and take it for granted sometimes.
I tell you this because I've been to San Francisco a few times and it's my FAVORITE place in the world to run! I love reading your postings and hearing about some of the places I've run and will NEVER forget!
Heading through the park to the ocean (by the wind mills?). What memories!
And what a 20 miler!!!!!!
Great job in the training and GREAT job with the updates!!

Meredith said...

Great job on the 20 miler! I'm a big fan of the Luna Moons as well - they seem to go down easier than ShotBlocks!

Marathon Maritza said...

Great negative splits!! You are going to do so well at CIM!!!!

P.S. I miss you! Where are you g-chat buddy??