Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Avenue of the Giants Marathon

Reconsidering Napa has done wonders for my outlook. I have still not made a definite decision either way, but knowing that I don't *have* to do a March marathon takes an enormous amount of pressure off of me.

Of course, the relief comes mainly from the fact that I found a good alternate race (hehe): Avenue of the Giants in northern CA May 7. I originally liked this race but got a little excited and thought sooner-the-better (hence, Napa). But this might be a better option. First, and most importantly, it is two whole months later than Napa. Which gives me more time to recover/rebuild, and longer to TRAIN. The Napa sched. was only 12 weeks and for the Ave I could easily set up a 16 week schedule (and by that I mean I already have). It starts January 16 and the first 5 weeks are a gradual build-up, followed by 8 weeks peak training and then 3 weeks taper. Sooooooooooooo much better.

Of course, there are cons: Ave is an overnight stay required and a long drive for which I will have to recruit a buddy (Zach? MaryT?). Also, the Hawaii trip would fall smakeroo dabbeleedoo right in the middle of the training cycle. Oh well. It will just be a very scenic and chill "recovery" week. Probably better than going to HI a week post-marathon when I may or not be able to walk.

The race website is down, but I will fix the link when it's back up.