Friday, November 04, 2005

Napa Valley Marathon

Allright here's the thing.

I'm planning on runing NVM March 5. I have a 12 week program that I will start the second week of December.

I don't want to improve remarkabely on my marathon time; I realize there is not enough time to train for that. I basically want to train a *little* more and correct some of the mistakes I made, and just generally run a smarter race on an easier course. I know I can easily knock a few minutes off my time. I guess my goal would be 3:49:xx. Maybe faster. We'll see.

Then I am going to take a few months off of marathon training to build mileage and run shorter races. Ya, I said that about after this marathon, but I take it back. And anyway, I AM taking a few weeks off and running a couple short races.

After Napa, I am GOING TO HAWAII!!!!!!!!!! Ok, sorry. I just booked the trip today so I'm kindof excited. :) Anyway, I am going to build up my mileage over the spring/summer and then focus on a LONG and specific training program (Pfitz 18/55, I already got my book) for CIM 2006. Where I will qualify for Boston.

There you go.