Friday, November 04, 2005

Recovery time

After the marathon, I took an entire week off. I was SO sore the first day, pretty sore the second day, and about 80% fine the third day. But my foot hurt a little and I also just wanted to enjoy a little break. Zach and I went for a little hike Sunday - a week post-marathon- and that felt good.

Monday of this week (Halloween)I thought I"d do a little cross training, so I went to the apt. gym and did 10 minutes on the bike. I was going to do the eliptical trainer for a few minutes next, but I got excited and hopped on the treadmill. Weeeeeeeeeee! I ran 2 miles. :)

Wednesday I stayed home from work because I had a stomach ache and another crappy night's sleep. But after my mom called with some really good news from her doctor, I felt 100000000 times better! I went out and had what felt like the BEST run of my life. I ran 6.75 miles but I wanted to go forever. It was perfect in so many ways. For one, the weather: party cloudy, breezy, cool, and just perfectly fall-y. Also, it just felt SO good to be out running again! Plus, I had my iPod loaded up with my mellow mix of my favorite Ben Harper, Norah Jones, David Gray, and Jack Johnson songs which really relaxed me. And on top of all that I had some time to reflect on the past few weeks and months. I am so proud of myself for setting a goal and accomplishing it. I put in a lot of work and never gave up. My training really taught me how strong I am! Also I had been so worried about my mom, but I was strong through that too. I also suddenly feel so grateful for the health and happiness of my family and friends. And the last thing that made me smile-- I saw a little spider and I realized that I'm not afraid of them any more!! I think I have really grown in a lot of ways.

Anyway, back to running! I am only going to run once more this week - 6-ish miles Saturday morning w/ Zach. That will be 3x this week for a total of like 14-15 miles. I really want to ease back into it. My wednesday run actually left me kinda sore so I need to be careful.