Thursday, November 17, 2005

Fun on the track

Ok, first: last night I got new shoes and then had a great run with the group. 4.35 miles/38:17/8:48 average pace.

This morning I got up (whoo-hoo!) and ran 4.15 miles/34:30/8:19 average pace. I just went on the trail, but decided to cut over to this High School sports field that I go by and run on the track! It was way fun. It's just a dirt track, so not rubberized with lane markings or anything, but I still pretended I was in the Olympics. :P JK. Anyway, it was about 1.5 miles to the track, so I ran 1 mile (4 times around) and then ran home. My run started off easy, then I started a little fartlecking. I can't say I've really done that before! It was fun. First, I ran hard to the tree (maybe .25 miles), then ran one time hard around the track (the second of four laps), then I did a hard sprint on the straight away the last time around. Then I ran easy home. My first and last miles felt pretty easy but were about 8:30 pace. The fartlecky two miles in between felt a little harder and were 8:10 ave pace.