Monday, November 14, 2005

A good workout

The 10k race was Saturday and it was really fun! Even though I didn't meet any of my time goals, it was a good hard run and I did allright! My finish time was 48:2x which is nearly a minute slower than my old PR. It just was NOT my day. I was feeling really winded and tired- I walked about 5 or 6 times during the race. I basically gave up by the half way point. I knew I was behind pace and I KNEW my body was not going to push as hard as I wanted, so I cut myself a break and ran it "easy." Actually I was running hard and fast, but I couldn't maintain the pace- hence the walking. Honestly, it sucked. I felt terrible and so dissapointed in myself. I hated being passed by all those people. I felt like such a wuss. BUT I understand that everyone has days like this and I'm no different. I know it wasn't my day for a variety of reasons, the main on being that I ran a marathon 3 weeks ago. Also, it was warm, and the start was kind of late (9:30), and even though I trained a lot for endurance I haven't done ANY speed work for months. So considering those factors, I did pretty well! I *know* I could have done much better. And I'm glad I didn't push any harder than I did because I could have injured myself. As it is, my foot and knee were reallllly sore yesterday and I have a honkin blood blister on the end of my toe. But today I'm feeling a lot better- physically and mentally. I know this was just a bump in the road.

So, I am already registered for that 5k on Thanksgiving. So I will do my best there (22:00? I don't expect to see much improvement there). And I'm considering taking another stab at the 10k in 4 weeks. We'll see.

Another thought that has been allowed in my brain is to re-consider the Napa Marathon. Now, I'm still really leaning toward doing it, I just have realized that I shouldn't run it if I'm really not into it. So I will re-assess my situation in a few weeks. So that's a 5% maybe.