Monday, November 21, 2005

Long run, I missed you!

Saturday I went on my first "long" run since the marathon and it felt great! I did 9.65 miles/1:27:21/9:03 average pace on one of my favorite trails with Zach. It was so pretty out- lots of leaves on the ground and good smells everywhere. We ran a strong pace too- I sped up gradually over the run from just under 10:00 pace at first to nearly 8:00 for the last mile. Ha! This route is up hill for the first half and down for the second half, so the pace difference makes sense... plus my natural inclination to speed up (PLUS I let Zach set the pace for a couple miles- he got kinda excited). It felt great though- no soreness or anything during OR after.

Rested Sunday (actually, we went for a walk and threw in two hard sprints - racing each other, then I did a quarter-mile jog or so at the end).

Today I decided to stay home from work, so I got up and ran a bit longer then I originally planned, so a total of 5.0 miles/45:37/9:07 ave pace. It was freezing cold outside and my legs were so cold and stiff! I guess they warmed up a bit toward the end but hardly. I also felt kinda winded and generally blah. But it felt good to get out there and done for the day. I might go for a walk later.

I will get up and do a short run before work tomorrow, then we are headed out of town for the holiday. I am doing a 5k race on Thanksgiving which I'm really excited about! Then when we get home I hope to go for a nice long run to round off the week.

My goals for the Thanksgiving race: 22:xx would be fine, but I want to run it feeling OK. Not great, but not dying- I want to run a smart race. I have done a few speed workouts and more running in general, so I think I will feel fast that day (versus the Stanford 10k suckeroo). I forgot last time to run a smart race. I ran a stupid race, my time sucked, and I re-learned that lesson which I will apply this week. Fingers crossed!


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