Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving eve eve!

4.00 miles/36:03/9:01 average pace

I got up this morning and did a fun speed workout at the track again. I ran 3x fast half-miles. So, I warmed up with 1 mile at 10:00 pace, then ran hard for half mile. Then 1 lap recovery, then two laps (half mile) hard, then half mile recovery (1 lap then headed back) then a final hard half mile, then .75 miles recovery back home.

So, my goal for the half-mile repeats was 3:30, which is a 7:00 pace. I really don't know how to properly gauge my pace at that speed, so I just ran hard. Pretty complex. Well, the first repeat was 3:43. Oops- 7:26 pace, but it was really hard! oh well. The second repeat was 3:38. Better, but still only like 7:16 pace. Finally, the last repeat was 3:25! Sweet- 6:50 pace! And it wasn't even as difficult as the previous two. It was a fun workout and breaking it up into pieces like that made it go by really fast. I am really excited to do this again and see if I can get more conisistant with my pace, and eventually faster.