Tuesday, November 08, 2005

misty morning

3.1 miles/26:35/8:35 ave pace

I got up again this morning and had a great run! I felt 100 times better than I did yesterday- no tightness/soreness in my legs and I just felt generally strong and fast. I was going to run a speed workout but decided that my body isn't quite ready. I am definitely still in recovery mode, I think that explains why I feel so different from day to day. I just need to take it easy and give myself time. Also, I want to enjoy a little break for the next few weeks. I'm doing good with that so far- my first post-marathon week was 0 miles, last week was 15 miles, this week will be 15-16 miles or so too.

It was cool and drizzly outside, and I ran up the path to the park. I ran again with no music (since I'm a nice wife and let Zach borrow my iPod) but enjoyed listening to the birds and stuff. Oh, and yesterday and today I saw several big birds! Yesterday I saw 1 big yellow-foot egret, and 2 smaller black-foot egrets. (I'm not sure that's what they are called?) And a big blue crane (I forget what that one's called too!) Anyway, today I saw one white egret and a blue crane. So beautiful!