Thursday, November 03, 2005


I originally created an 18 week program based on Hal Higdon's Intermediate training program (click "training" above for the link). Peaked at 40 and had 2 20 milers and 2 17-18.

I ran a half marathon in July (Wine Country Half) in 1:49xx (8:22 pace). Pretty happy with that! Except that the hard race, increased training, and NO recovery time post-race kind of injured my knee. Doh! Lesson learned. Took about 2 weeks off.

So I created a 10 week truncated version of the training sched. It built the mileage back gently and included 1 20 and 18. So 16,18,20 were basically my long runs. I did several in the 12-15 mile range including a half-marathon in October during the taper. It went well, knee felt better, yada yada yada, I kicked ass.

Also- May I ran a 10k (47:3x). June, Zach and I ran a trail race. We went backpacking in July. Also I'm walking for about an hour most days of the week.

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