Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well I only have two runs to report for the past six days, but they are two good ones!

Thursday 3.1 miles/22:28/7:15 average pace

First, the Thanksgiving Day 5k went really great! :) I met my goal of 22:something, with a time of 22:28. That is the EXACT time from last year! Except last year the course was much easier, so I consider this an improvement. My official time was 14 seconds slower, which was good enough for 9th place in my age group of 287. Not bad! I felt really good about my race- I was certainly tired toward the end but at no point did I want to fall over and die (which was the case in that last 10k race!). I started off really strong, and ran my FASTEST mile ever: 6:56!!!!!!!! Holy crap! I knew that would catch up with me, so I backed off a bit and even walked for a few seconds in the second mile, for a split of 7:35. The final mile was better even though I was getting tired: 7:14- right on pace. The last tenth of a mile took me 41 seconds. I was really happy with my performance! I knew I probably couldn't get a new PR since my time is pretty fast and I've done very little speed training, but I'm super happy with my consistancy! That is my third 5k just over 22:00 (actually my watch time on one was just below that) in a year. :)

Sunday 11.50 miles/1:47:14/9:20 average pace

So anyway, I rested Friday and Saturday (and by rested I mean ate and drank and shopped!) while on my fun Thanksgiving vacation. Sunday morning I got up and went for a long run in the FREEZING cold (I had to scrape the frost off my windows!). It was awesome. It was frosty and I had Christmas music on my iPod and I just had a great run overall. I did 11.50 miles out and back on a really nice trail. The pace felt nice and easy up until mile 9 or so, then I had to work harder to get done. Actually, by the end I was pretty beat! But I recovered nicely and am not sore today at all. I think I will post my splits from my long runs on my blog, so I guess I'll start with this:

1 9:49
2 9:40
3 7:50 (wha?)
4 10:31 (huh?)
5 9:12
6 9:27
7 9:24
8 9:21
9 9:32
10 9:02
11 8:48
11.5 4:33 (9:10 pace)

very consistant!

23.6 miles total for last week. Excellent! I have a similar mileage goal for this week (don't want to ramp up too fast!)

The plan:

mon: rest (done)
tues: 4 tempo or something
wed: 6 group
thurs: 4 easy
fri: rest
sat: 10? long
sun: rest

total 24 ish.

Still undecided on the 10k race next weekend. And by that I mean I haven't registered yet. :D I "think" I'll do it though, and try to meet my previously established goal of 46:xx. It's a real small race too, so hopefully I can get an AG award!

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