Friday, March 30, 2007

Crappy Run and Good Swim

Thursday 10.0 miles/1:29:12/8:55 average pace

Continuing with my week of skipped/shitty runs, yesterday's run sucked. I had a side stitch the ENTIRE time. I hoped it would go away, but it did not. I took walk breaks, I hydrated, I ran slow, I focused on my breathing, nothing.

I believe the problem was that my stomach was kind of weird all day, and just wasn't up to the jostling and sloshing that comes with running. In addition to being kinda crampy/gassy (sorry, too much information I know) to begin with, I decided this would be the day I will drink gatorade while running! I NEVER drink gatorade, because.... you guessed gives me stomach problems. I guess I kinda forgot that. So I drank a few big gulps of straight gatorade before I started, then I carried a gatorade/water mix in my bottle, and drank it while I ran.

After my sixth sucky mile, and seeing that I was way late to meet Zach at the gym (with all my walking breaks slowing me down), I decided "F#%@ this" and just jammed out the last three and a half miles. The side stitch hurt worse but at least it was over faster.

8:59 (let's get this over with)

I did arrive at the gym later than planned, so I only did a short upper body weights workout, plus abs, and stretched out good.

This morning I got up and went to the pool. I swam 10 laps =500 m in 15 minutes. I felt really relaxed the entire time and loved every second of it. I hardly rested at all!! I would have swam longer but I had to get to work. :(

When I take a deep breath, I can still feel a little twinge where my side stitch was yesterday. It better be gone tomorrow. I can't wait to get this week over with and start fresh next week. I need to be pumped up for Boston! At least if I had to have a "bad week" I got it over with now. I am getting SO excited for Boston. The list making has begun, the weather-checking is underway, I even have different lists for different weather. Weeeee!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Well, two weeks out from Boston would seem like the perfect time to have a "shitty" week. You have all of your long runs in and you still have time to get some confidence building short/fast runs in before the race.

By the way, was the run more shitty, crappy or sucky? Just wondering. ;-)

Michele said...

The fact that you could run as fast you did those last miles when you felt crappy, is just amazing!!

Great swim!

Bob Gentile said...

Momma says "we will get days like these", it's just a little test to see how you will respond :-) u passed!

GOD does have a great sense of humor and just keeping you in line to keep focused... Hey, the side stitch did get ur attention & focus right :-)

Have a great week Miss 111,