Friday, March 23, 2007

Swim, Run, Lift, Swim

Thursday 11.0 miles/1:37:26/8:52 average pace

I'll come back to that...

I have an insane amount of stuff to log here even though I posted day before yesterday. I don't feel like I'm training a ton... I mean, sure I'm busy, but I'm not really wore out or anything. But things like this (posting 4 workouts for 2 days) make me feel like a freak! Also making me feel like a freak: I ran into a girl I know at the gym (I had just arrived after running the 11 miles) and she thought I was crazy for running to the gym from my house and then lifting weights. So I didn't tell her I'd actually ran 5 miles beyond the gym and back... I'm so glad to have my blog and Running Forum friends to make me feel normal. :D

Ok so in order:

Wednesday night swim: 20 laps = 1000 meters. A great swim! I was feeling so good, and I was hardly needing to rest between laps. The only downer was that braggy/chatty guy was back (we shared a lane) and he proceeded to not only chat too damn much (ya, he's nice enough but I'm kinda in the middle of something), but offer me a ton of unsolicited instruction. It was good advice, and I said thank you, but how about shutting the hell up already. So, besides those interruptions, a good swim. I feel like I could have finished the workout in less than my usual 35 minutes, but alas, I did not.

Thursday: Medium Long run (see top of post). Felt SO good! It wasn't too hot like last week, I was cruising along at an easy pace and just felt great. :) And the best part is I ran in my new Running SKIRT! I actually went to purchase some new shorts, and tried on a dozen pair at least, and the skirt won out. It's so cute and comfy. :)

(splits: 8:47 8:54 9:07 9:12 9:02 9:01 8:58 8:48 8:49 8:35 8:06)

After the run, I did a 45 minute upper body lift with Zach. Biceps and back. I was tired so I didn't work too hard.

Friday: I got up this morning and went swimming- 10 laps = 500 m. I purposely didn't share a lane with chatty guy, but he was adjacent and managed to chat anyway. If anything, this guy is getting me to stop lingering at the end of the pool and keep swimming continuously. Ooooh I should learn to flip-turn. :D That would be perfect.

So that's my 4 workout catch-up. If I didn't have so much to blog about, I honestly wouldn't even realize how much I'm training. Well, I guess I have been aware of how much I'm eating, and that I'm still losing a little weight, but I feel fantastic. I wish I could keep this going for a couple more weeks, but I actually start my taper after this weekend. Bummer. Well, let's see how bummed I am after I run 20 miles tomorrow! :D


TJ said...

sounds like you need one of those swimP3 things to block out chatty guy. LOL!
good luck with the 20 miler tomorrow.

Bob Gentile said...

What is Up Freakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :-)

Give me some of that Freak Speed !!

Good Workouts Ms. 111

You better Keep that Freak ON for a few more weeks,


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the workouts! And to me, freaks are those people who sit on there butts, eating too much, watching other people do things on tv.

As for chatty guy, you already missed your first opportunity by telling him you are deaf, so that's out. You can try ear plugs, but he still might not get the hint. I got it...try telling him you work for the IRS...then he really won't want to talk to you anymore.

Michele said...

Awesome workouts.
I love the running skirt too. Watch out pretty soon you won't even want to wear shorts anymore.