Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tuesday & Thursday

Tuesday 7.0 miles/1:00:48/8:41 average pace

I actually enjoyed the speed work in this run! The quarter-mile intervals were short enough that I never got too tired, and never got that "I'm-gonna-puke" feeling that often accompanies intervals. It felt great to run the repeats hard, knowing they'd be over in a snap. I was a little conservative at first, knowing I had 10 repeats to do. I did 1:1 speed and recovery intervals (.25 mile each). I warmed up with a mile at 9:08 pace, then ran the intervals in the following times (I'm omitting my recovery times):

1- 1:49
2- ? didn't hit the lap between speed and recovery intervals
3- 1:50
4- 1:47
5- 1:51 (slowest one: 7:24 pace)
6- 1:43
7- 1:48
8- 1:44
9- 1:46
10- 1:42 (fastest one: 6:48 pace)

Nice and consistent! I got a side cramp on that last one, but otherwise felt great. I did one mile cool down in 8:51 to finish up.

I took Wednesday off since I was in OC for work. Back at it this morning:

Thursday 10.0 miles/1:33:44/9:23 average pace

I was tired and thirsty, but enjoyed this morning's run anyway. It was so pretty - sun shining, blue sky, flowers blossoming, birds singing, it was impossible to not like. I ran a little slow due to being generally tired, really thirsty (should have brought my fuel belt), and I've got a sore throat thing again I think. But I made it through, chugged a ton of water, and feel fine now. These longer mid-week runs are great endurance and confidence builders. I'm glad I have 5 1/2 weeks before Boston, since I am finally feeling like my self again when running. The marathon might not be so bad after all. :)


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

"and never got that "I'm-gonna-puke" feeling that often accompanies intervals."

You just aren't trying hard enough... ;-)

Glad to hear you are feeling like yourself again. Just go out and enjoy Boston. Sometimes it's liberating to go into a race without and expecations. That is often when you will enjoy it the most and sometimes you will surprise yourself with how well you do without the pressure.

Great job on the intervals.

Bob Gentile said...

LOL Chad--- Yeah step it UP Jen !!

While Chad and I puke just THINKING about how fast you run compared to us --haha

Another great workouts Miss 111 - get it... "Miss 111" ahhhh I like that one but I am sure I will come up with more as the Boston Race gets closer :-)

PS: Oh yeah that is my first 50 miler coming up in Sept. should be ummm HMMM a blast, a Blister blast- haha


jeffem said...

good to see that you are getting back on track for Boston. Nice job!