Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Week 6 Schedule (and Monday's workout)

6 weeks to Boston!!

Monday: 6 miles easy (+ short swim)

Tuesday: 7 miles intervals: 10 X .25 mile with .25 mile recoveries, plus one mile warm up and one mile cool down

Wednesday: off- travelling for work

Thursday: 10 miles GA (+ upper body weights)

Friday: (morning swim?)

Saturday: 18 miles

Sunday: (swim)

total miles scheduled: 41


Monday 6.0 miles/57:32/9:35 average pace

I ran on the Treadmill at the gym. Pretty boring. Then I stretched and showered and jumped in the pool for a short swim. I did 10 laps (500 m) in 15 minutes. I concentrated on keeping the pace easy and relaxed so that I could just touch the end and come back. I think I'm resting a lot because I"m so out of breath, so this method made it easier to take short rests. I did maybe 2 or 3 where I just touched the end and swam back, and the rest were still pretty short rests. :)


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Only six weeks? Wow! This year is just flying. Great job. I hope you really enjoy Boston.

Bob Gentile said...

"Plan the work and WORK the PLAN"

Way to keep focused as the clock ticks down to the BIG Boston Day!

Kevin said...

Only a girl would shower before a swim! Men are pigs! ;-)