Thursday, March 01, 2007

Swimming and February Summary

Wednesday I swam 20 laps - 1000 m - in 35 minutes. Previously 20 laps took me at least 40 minutes, but I think my resting time is decreasing. I felt really comfortable and relaxed and my breathing felt good. I timed myself down and back once and it took one minute. :) I thought I'd record that so I can check again in a few weeks. Swimming is so fun. I know I'll hit a plateau eventually, but right now it's so cool to see the improvement every time. The first time I went swimming- not just kicking only, but when Zach taught me how to breathe and I actually swam a little- was January 28, so a month ago.

That same weekend I did the 5 mile run that I called a "long" run because it wasn't just about testing my knee, but actually running. I was officially healed and decided that week to go ahead with Boston. This was a MONTH ago. I can't believe how far I have come in just a month. :)

Total miles in February: 110.5

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TJ said...

you've only been swimming a month? wow. you are doing great. sounds like you had an awesome month.