Monday, March 19, 2007

Week 4 Schedule

4 Weeks to BOSTON!

Monday: 6 miles Trail Run w/ Zach (+ core/legs weights)

Tuesday: 8 miles w/ VO2 Intervals: 4x 1200 m (+ upper body/core weights)

Wednesday: (swim)

Thursday: 11 miles Medium Long (+ upper body/core weights)

Friday: (swim)

Saturday: 20 Long Run (+ giant cinnamon roll after)

Sunday: (swim + upper body/core weights)

TOTAL miles scheduled for my PEAK week: 45

I took Tuesday's Interval workout straight from my Pfitz plan for CIM for the corresponding week (4 weeks to go). I haven't really been following my current plan that closely, so I thought this would motivate me to really do it. Especially since I kicked ass at CIM, due in part to the VO2 workouts.

I'm really excited about our trail run tonight, and I'm looking forward to the long run this coming weekend. Oh man, those cinnamon rolls... words can't describe...

1 comment:

Ryan said...

Good luck on the home stretch of training. I'll have to find out if they sell cinnamon rolls in Chicago tasty enough to motivate me.