Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Trail Adventure

Monday 6.0 miles/57:33/9:36 average pace

Zach and I ran on one of our favorite trails near Walnut Creek last night. The clouds had moved in and it was cooler (60's) but still beautiful. This run was pretty challenging with some big hills and tons of stream crossings- we crossed the little creek *14* times EACH way. Some crossings were more difficult than others but I am proud to say we stayed pretty dry. We charged up the hills -we even raced each other on a couple hills (of course I won :P). We turned around at the three mile mark (side note: my Garmin 205 never lost the signal, where my old 201 was completely useless on this trail!) and headed back down... and I mean DOWN. I didn't realize how much we were climbing until we were flying down the hills back toward the trailhead. I love 3 minute range in our pace! That really demonstrates how tough the run was. It was awesome.







That picture is an old one from a previous hike, but same area. There are lots of cows around- just like pretty much every open space/park in the east bay. I think they're kinda cute, except last night we came upon a bunch that were very near the trail (and this is when we were flying) and one cow got spooked and moved quickly (for a cow) which kinda freaked me out. Otherwise, cute.


Bob Gentile said...

Sounds like a great training trail for ya with cool sites! Good workout, I need to get back into it my runs been off for a few days!

Kevin said...

lol.. a stud like you "freaked out" by a cow?

;-P cute..