Monday, March 12, 2007

Week 5 Schedule

The Boston Marathon is 5 Weeks from TODAY!!

Monday: 6 miles easy (+ legs and core ST)

Tuesday: 7 miles with 5 at LT pace (+ upper body ST)

Wednesday: (swim + legs and core ST)

Thursday: 10 miles GA (+ upper body ST)

Friday: (swim)

Saturday: 17 miles with 5 at MP

Sunday: (swim)

TOTAL miles scheduled: 40


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Your fingers are going to turn into prunes if you keep up all that swimming. ;-)

Great job!

Bob Gentile said...

Jennnnnnnnnnnnn OK you need a color update on your BLOG ... the DATE(day,month,year) is WHITE and I cannot read it, I have to squint--lol

I think a light yellow to go along with header would look good but anyways SaVE my eyes please -- haha

5 weeks Yeah!! Keep up the great training you doing awesome!